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Tree Service in Garland, TX

Rudy’s Tree Service aims to offer trusted, affordable, and professional tree services in Garland, TX. We have the manpower and heavy-duty machinery to perform dangerous, strenuous & challenging jobs quickly, safely & neatly. Whether you need tree trimming, removal, or stump grinding service, we are the team you should hire.

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Get Perfectly Shaped Trees with Our Trimming Service

Tree services are dangerous to perform. So, we operate following all safety measures. To ensure our workers and everyone’s safety, we undergo many hours of training, use the best tree climbing gear, protective gear, and equipment like powerful pole saws, and take every step with high precaution.

When you hire us, you are entrusting us with your safety. So, you can expect that we’ll also take care of your property. In fact, we work carefully and calmly to avoid breaking things like your fence, your driveway, fountains, roof, etc.

Make sure to keep your plants perfectly shaped by getting our tree trimming service near Garland, TX. We have the knowledge and talent to shape your trees and shrubs in forms like squares or spheres. In fact, after getting our trimming service, your yard will look neat, healthy & interesting.

Call for Emergency Tree Removal in Garland, TX

When your tree poses a risk to your property or loved ones, it is urgent that you remove it. We know that it’s hard to identify when it is truly necessary. But, thanks to all our years of experience, we can say that you need tree removal services when it is:

  • Dead.
  • Growing near utility lines.
  • Overcrowding & messy.
  • Decaying and weak.
  • Diseased.
  • Occupying space for new construction.
  • Broken by a storm.
  • Ruining foundations.
  • Causing property damage.
  • Leaning dangerously.
  • Casting too much shade.
  • Dropping a lot of debris.
  • Poorly located.

Since tree removal is dangerous, we take all the safety measures and complete the project with great expertise to ensure no one gets hurt or nothing gets destroyed.

We work together as a team. When removing your tree, all our team members will coordinate perfectly. And everyone will do every task with little margin of error. This is the only way to ensure this task goes smoothly and safely.

Rudy’s Tree Service also offers emergency tree services in Garland, TX. So, if the recent storm caused severe damage to your plants, you can count on us. We’ll solve the issue as soon as possible. Contact us to book your emergency removal today.

Our Stump Removal Will Make Your Yard Safer

Removing tree stumps makes perfect sense because stumps:

  • Are ugly.
  • Are a tripping hazard.
  • Attract wood-boring insects and pests.
  • Can spread infestations and disease.
  • Harbor fungus.
  • Cause unsightly re-growth.
  • Make lawn mowing chores harder.
  • Take valuable yard space.
  • Can damage your property.

Thanks to our 16 years in the tree industry, we have acquired the necessary equipment to grind tree stumps safely, quickly & affordably.

At the same time, we have wood chippers and trucks to eliminate tree debris.

Definitely, nobody wants an ugly and unsafe tree stump in their yards. If you have one, you can call us, and we’ll go to your house to pulverize it.

Stump Removal Service in Garland, TX

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