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Wood Mites

Wood mites might be tiny, but their impact can be significant, especially for those who work with wood or have wooden furniture in their homes. These minuscule creatures, often barely visible to the naked eye, belong to the Acari family and can be found in various environments worldwide.

Meet the Wood Mites to Understand their Act in Your Home

Meet the Wood Mites to Understand their Act in Your Home

Wood mites are the most common, while you could have diverse pests on your furniture.

Although they don’t directly threaten humans, their presence can cause concerns, particularly for woodworkers, homeowners, and individuals sensitive to allergens.

Wood mites are part of a larger group of arachnids, including ticks and spiders. These mites, scientifically known as acarids, thrive in moist and warm conditions, which makes wooden structures, furniture, and decaying wood ideal habitats for their proliferation.

Their small size, typically under one millimeter, makes detection challenging without magnification. These creatures reproduce rapidly, laying eggs that hatch into larvae in favorable environments.

Identifying Wood Mites

Recognizing a wood mite infestation can be tricky due to its size and secretiveness. They leave a silk thread trail, like spiders, helping it to identify them.

However, sure signs can alert you to their presence. Dust-like particles on wooden surfaces, particularly in humid areas, might indicate mite activity.

Additionally, noticing tiny, moving specks on or around wooden items, especially after prolonged storage or in neglected spaces, could indicate an infestation.

Causes of Wood Mite Infestation

Causes of Wood Mite Infestation - high humidity levels

Wood mites primarily thrive in environments with high humidity levels.

They go through various means, but damp or moist wood provides an ideal breeding ground, such as infested wood brought into a home, transferred from outdoors, or even through pet bedding materials.

Neglected or unclean areas with accumulated dust and wood debris can also attract these creatures.

Impact on Wood and Furniture

Impact on Wood and Furniture

Wood mites directly impact and damage wooden structures and furniture, being harmless to humans.

They feed on mold, fungi, and microscopic organisms in decaying wood.

Their activity can accelerate the degradation of wood, affecting its structural integrity over time.

Moreover, their presence may lead to mold or mildew, further compromising the quality of the wood.

Prevention and Control Measures

Prevention and Control Measures - dehumidifiers

Preventing wood mite infestations involves maintaining a clean and dry environment.

Regularly cleaning and dusting wooden surfaces and areas prone to moisture accumulation can deter their presence.

One of our significant actors is the dehumidifiers in areas with high humidity levels, which can also help control their population.

Ensuring proper ventilation and keeping wood or wooden items dry can prevent mites from thriving.

Managing Wood Mite Infestations

Managing Wood Mite Infestations-insecticidal sprays or treatments

If you suspect a wood mite infestation, prompt action is necessary to mitigate the issue.

Thoroughly clean affected areas, vacuum and wipe down surfaces to remove dust and debris where mites might reside.

Utilizing insecticidal sprays or treatments designed to target mites can aid in controlling their population.

However, following safety guidelines and using appropriate products to avoid damaging wooden surfaces or health risks is crucial.

How To Get Rid Of Wood Mites?

How To Get Rid Of Wood Mites?

Combating these pesky creatures doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

Firstly, it’s essential to identify the source of the infestation. Inspect wooden items, especially those stored in humid areas, to pinpoint the mites’ location.

Once identified, begin by thoroughly cleaning the affected surfaces. Remove mites, eggs, and debris from crevices and corners.

Next, consider using natural repellents like tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, or cedar oil.

Additionally, maintaining a dry environment is crucial. Regularly airing and exposing wooden items to sunlight can also help eliminate these pests.

Get professional pest control services if it is necessary for effective eradication.

Remember, prevention is vital. Clean and inspect wooden furniture, control moisture levels, and use natural repellents to ward off wood mites and ensure a mite-free home.


Despite their diminutive size, wood mites can challenge woodworkers and homeowners alike.

Their preference for humid environments and ability to multiply quickly make prevention crucial.

Regular maintenance and cleanliness are essential in deterring these creatures from infesting wooden structures and furniture. Call our reliable team!

Awareness of their presence and prompt action, when detected, can help minimize their impact and preserve the integrity of wooden items in homes and workplaces.

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