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Can I Throw Neighbor's Tree Branches Back In Their Yard

Can I Throw Neighbor's Tree Branches Back In Their Yard

The short answer is: NO. It is not legal to throw branches back on your neighbor’s property. According to the law, you cannot throw them away either. If you throw it away, it will technically be fly-tipping and trespassing, and if you dispose of them, you are committing theft because they belong to your neighbor.

Who Is Responsible For Tree Branches In Neighbor's Yards?

Who Is Responsible For Tree Branches In Neighbor's Yards?

Generally, the tree owner is responsible for maintaining and trimming the branches on their property. If you have a tree with branches overhanging onto your neighbor’s property, you are responsible for trimming those branches.

However, there are exceptions to this rule, and the specifics can vary depending on the area in which you live. Click the following link to learn the Texas law regarding neighbors and trees.

In Texas, you can be responsible for them. But be careful; you are technically committing theft if you dispose of your neighbor’s tree limbs without their permission.

You should contact your neighbor and ask them to permit them to dispose of them yourself, which is your best option.

What Kind of Action Should You Take for a Harmony Life With Your Neighbors?

Communicate with neighbors to throw tree branches
  • Talk with your neighbors always.
  • Contact your neighbor through site, voice, or a legal letter to ask if they would like to keep the limbs or, if not and get their permission.
  • Revise the homeowner’s associations agreements.
  • Check with local authorities.

3 Considerate Things to Remember About Texas Tree Laws

Texas Tree Laws - Can I Throw Neighbor's Tree Branches Back In Their Yard

If you want to know our neighbors well, the best reason cannot be for tree disputes.

There are many enchanted reasons to have trees in your garden, which include:

  • Conserve Energy
  • Save Water
  • Clean the Air
  • Combat Climate Change
  • Prevent Soil Erosion
  • Beautify & Enhance Your Greenery Areas
  • Promote unity and get your kids knowledgeable with neighbors

Therefore, you must learn about the tree’s laws well to enjoy all the benefits above.

In easy words, we want to share three things to remember about Texas tree laws:

1. Property Line Rules in Texas

If we stop for a minute and see around, we all conclude that Texas has the most farms and ranches in the U.S. However, you must define property lines between you and your neighbors. to avoid future issues and misunderstandings.

The law clarifies that the landowner has the right to trim and cut trees that reach into their property. So, you can only trim branches up to the property line.

2. Tree Disputes

Can you trim a tree that infringes on your property? Yes, but knowing what to do when a neighbor tree affects your area is essential. You must ensure you don’t damage the tree or the owner’s property.

If you damage a tree, you must compensate for the injury done.

Consequently, it is best to use a tree removal company to guarantee the safe handling of a tree.

3. Disposal of Tree Branches

Disposal of Tree Branches

According to the established rules, you cannot invade a neighbor’s property, and it could cause further disputes. Use a tree removal service that can take the trimmed branches away.

But on the other hand, you can use creative ways to clear the yard by taking friendly-environmental protection action.

9 Ways for getting rid of tree disposal and discover various options below:

  • Use the branches as firewood. You need to let them dry out thoroughly before burning.
  • Recycling is a sustainable option, helping minimize waste and environmental pollution.
  • Dispose of tree branches at your local dump site.
  • Consider the rent of a wood chipper.
  • Hire a hauling service.
  • Explore with a landscaping company as an option. They usually buy off your tree branches for their projects.
  • Sell to firewood suppliers.
  • Bring to a furniture manufacturing company.
  • Donate to a wood sculptor.


Abide by the Texas Tree Law to Be a Good Neighbor

This article provides the general and most critical theories about Texas tree laws. Taking action on all these rules can be complicated, but a certified and professional tree team like us will always be possible.

Understanding each rule well before you address any tree disputes with a neighbor is essential.

Take note of our nine ways to eliminate tree disposal to contribute and play a significant role in keeping the planet green and protected.

If your neighbor’s tree is causing a lot of trouble with overhanging branches, you can friendly recommend your neighbor that he remove them, which will be the best solution.

Also, we recommend you read when is the cheapest time of year for tree removal to cut out without breaking the bank.

We hope you loved our article, and if you found it helpful, make sure to share this piece of content on your social media. Stay tuned, take care, and till next time!

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