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How to Prune Maple Tree Branches

How to Prune Maple Tree Branches

We do not recommend drastic pruning; it is better to make more minor & more frequent cuts. Maintenance pruning should apply only to adult maple trees. As a rule, the allowed amount must be up to ⅓ for cutting off at the base & shortening branches. Choose the cutting point & decide what to remove or leave.

But, What Do You Know About Maple Trees?

But, What Do You Know About Maple Trees?

The maple tree is famous & it is prevalent to see them here in the country. You can enjoy more than 200 species of this elegant and majestic tree with beautiful leaves.

They vary in appearance; some species reach up to 40m, but you can find shrubs too. One thing that makes you identify a maple tree is its stunning sight and colorful explosion of yellows, reds, and orange leaves in autumn. 

There are five native species from Texas, including the southern sugar maple, big-toothed maple, chalk maple, ash-leaved maple, and red maple. But, our country encloses several types, becoming the maple foliage in tourist attractions.

How to Prune Maple Trees? 5 Greatest Steps

How to Prune Maple Trees? 6 Greatest Steps

Besides the proper caring, a good gardener must know how and when to prune the maple trees as they grow and develop.

We want to provide a comprehensive guide to maple pruning practices from most excellent to most minor importance:

  1. Remove dead, sick, or injured branches as soon as you see them.
  2. Choose the strongest, most centered, and most vertical units to keep and prune the weak ones.
  3. When your maple has two crossing branches, it will eventually cause damage, so you must choose the branch with an angle closest to 90 degrees.
  4. Remove low-growing branches to encourage trunk.
  5. Cut the branches that grow faster than the rest of the maple.

And, Why Maple Pruning? 5 Reasons Why Pruning is Necessary!

5 Reasons Why Pruning is Necessary!

Renew Vegetation

There is a space in the life cycle where we want changes and new things. Well, nature asks and needs, too. Say goodbye to all old to allow the growth of new.

Yearlong, branches extend away from the trunk, so it is indispensable to cut old stems to make a path for new ones, but don’t allow the crown to expand excessively.

Raise the Bottom of the Crown

Tree crown lifting removes lower branches to lift the height of the crown’s base.

It’s necessary to increase the clearance of the ground and the lower limbs, reduce the weight of a tree, and allow more light to pass through the branches.

Raise the bottom of the crown if it is causing obtrusion.

Reduce the Overall Size

Reducing the overall size of your plants is needed in cities with reduced spaces, and the plants have limits of fences, and buildings or trees must share lawns with other plants.

Lighten the Canopy

Appropriate canopy reduction removes branches and stems from the outer portion of the canopy back to lateral branches. It is also known as lateral pruning because you prune back to a lateral branch.

The best reduction cuts limbs back to their point of origin or back to a lateral capable of sustaining the remaining limb.

This method achieves density in the right place, allowing all the foliage to get maximum exposure to light and air, disadvantaging the proliferation of parasites.

Eliminate Shoots

Many trees, shrubs, and woody climbers can send up suckers from their roots which, if left, will turn into another plant.

Branches that draw resources away from the rest of the plant.

What is the Best Month to Prune and Trim a Maple Tree?

What is the Best Month to Prune and Trim a Maple Tree?

As usual and in general, it is advisable to prune when the plants are dormant between November and late February. But the best times to prune maple trees are in midwinter and midsummer. 

It is better to avoid pruning and trimming when it is too cold. But you can cut the dry branches yearlong; just focus on their most vulnerable periods like:

  • Keep in mind blooming because the trees expend a lot of energy.
  • Before or during leaf drop.

Maples tend to be active early; the sap begins to flow in late winter, and trees can bloom prematurely if the sun and warmth give them help!

Prune with the Best NOW!

Our guide is a call to prune your maple trees as long as it is the proper time in later summer to lessen sap flow. If maples lose too much sap, they will not receive nutrients, and plants can die. 

Decide to work with the best; our pros are expecting your call. Dial our phone at (214) 815-8728.

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